There are many automated solutions for detecting of frauds in banking sectors, the anti-fraud systems. These are software solutions against deception. They're intended to work both with internal and external violations.


But not only banks are subject for attacks. Deception is always possible, thus anti-fraud solutions are needed whenever people can use their duty positions for personal enrichment or there are soft spots in protection.


Stop-LossЩ system Ч is an analytical system with a brand new approach to matters of control and dealing with thefts of any kind.


After implementation and configuration, the system is fully autonomous. Specialists have no influence on it, hence cannot modify the data you receive. Moreover, nobody sees the documents theyТre not supposed to see. Stop-Loss system gives you a whole new level of control over your investments and assets, without interference into the work of the enterprise.


It's not a niche tool such as a banking anti-fraud system. The kind of your business or production doesn't matter to Stop-Loss. It is of no importance whether you manage finances, a factory, a transport group or a transnational corporation. The system analyzes any data, any databases and any parts of activity.


Therefore, Stop-Loss system finds several kinds of methods of unlawful enrichment.


System reveals unapproved transfer of assets, writes a report on the situation, attaches corresponding documents and sends it all to corresponding managers and specialists, and/or the owner.


In the past to achieve such results you had to acquire a whole army of high level professionals Ч the internal and external auditors and security professionals. But can they reveal all incidents in a big company?


Stop-Loss is a software, used in any sphere of business for control, detection of frauds and saving of assets.


Stop-Loss is the way to treat theft-related problems systematically.


With a help of Stop-Loss, the process of recognition and prevention of thefts can be automated.


Stop-Loss differs from auditors and security professionals thanks to:

  • Incorruptibility

  • Efficiency

  • It can't be inattentive

  • It works with big amounts of data


Imagine you get a new high-tech and invisible type of forces that are active 24 hours a day, 365 days in the year.