Works for implementation take into consideration peculiarities
of an enterprise:


Stage 1.

An investigation, conducted for revelation of fraudulent schemes, used on this enterprise


Stage 2.

Investigation of software and documentation flows reflecting transfer of goods and materials


Stage 3.

Development of a solution for automated revelation and actions against losses with the use of administrative and technical measures


Stage 4.

Preparation of Technical inquiry for adaptation of Stop-Loss with consideration of specific documentation maintenance and revelation of fraudulent schemes


Stage 5.

Development, configuration and implementation of Stop-Loss system


Stop-Loss — doest it worth it?


Namely investigation, conducted on the first stage, allows to evaluate losses of a specific enterprise.


This way the following data becomes available:

  • the scale of losses

  • possibilities to prevent fraudulent schemes

  • methods of revelation of specific schemes by means of automation

  • the pay back for introduction of the system